Energize Draining Activities

Step 1

Does it need to be done? Check to see if the task actually needs to be done. If the task doesn’t need to be done, you’re done with it.

Step 2

Do I need to do it? If the task does need to be done, see if there is a person more suited to this task that is available. If so, delegate to this person and you’re done.

Step 3

Okay, then how can I make the best of it? If there is no one available for whom the task is better suited, and it does need to be done, then you’re it – it’s your job.

Interview yourself regarding The Seven Elements* to see if there’s a way to make it less draining, or even strengthening.

  1. People. Is there anyone with whom you could join forces? Someone who has more strength or skill in this area? It could be a mentor, or someone who just gets energized by the task.
  2. Purpose. Is there some way you can align this task with a worthwhile purpose?
  3. Skill. Is there a skill you can utilize that would bolster your energy while doing this task? Do you need further training or information to do this task well? If so, how might you access it?
  4. Process. Is there a process you could use that suits you better?
  5. Tools. What tools are available that would make this job more energizing?
  6. Time. What is the best time to do this task? Is there a way you could use time to make this task more energizing?  For instance, would it be more energizing if you broke the task up into chunks?
  7. Place. Is there a way you could use location to make this job more energizing? Is there a way you could modify your present location to make it more energizing?

Step 4

Here are some other factors that may be helpful to address

Acceptance. Can I wholeheartedly accept this is what I’m doing right now? (see How to Stay Empowered in Unbearable Situations)

Mindset. Am I in a fixed mindset about this task? (see How to Maintain a Growth Mindset)

Wellness. Are there wellness practices I could do that would help make this task more energizing? (see How to Balance Your Life)

*I developed The Seven Elements in collaboration with my colleague Doric Olson for our company Thrive At Work.

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