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Motivational Strengths

Get more info & sign up for March 30-31 at South Puget Sound Community College

Learn your most meaningful, energizing, and effective actions and how to apply them at work (especially in tough situations) to create more resilience, sustainable efforts, and better outcomes.

"I came away with a clear sense of what truly motivates me. My perspective on what I do has changed from ambivalent to enthusiastic. With each class I was able to identify my strengths, pinpoint my values and use new skills to truly support my goals."


Research for Managers (coming soon)

Improve your ability to be a discerning consumer of research material. Know what is actually important and what is background noise. Interpret statistics without having to learn the burdensome mathematics behind them. Overcome analysis paralysis.

Strengths of Difference

Sign up for November 7-8 or February 4-5 at South Puget Sound Community College

Turn your blind spots into opportunities for collaboration, your annoyances into strategic partnerships. Learn how to transform differences that often show up as misunderstandings into complementary strengths.

"There were a lot of concrete, actionable tools that I think will be really helpful."

"This class came highly recommended to me. I was afraid of being disappointed but instead was impressed with all I learned."

Find Your Spark

Learn what motivates and sustains you. Learn how to craft your job and your life to generate the meaning, energy, and effectiveness you desire. Unhook yourself from ways of doing and being that leave you drained and dissatisfied.

"This course helped me really connect with parts of myself that I didn’t always take good care of, or appreciate. The gentle and direct counsel of the trainer brought clarity to what I love about me and how it helps me be the best version of myself. I left the program inspired to see how I can use those strengths to help others and myself."

Learn how to bring Find Your Spark to your organization

Building a Team

Get more info & sign up for December 12
at South Puget Sound Community College

Understand how teams really work. Recognize where your team is, and learn how to build a solid, sustainable foundation for progress and collaboration.

"Great course that I recommend we do annually. We were all involved and really enjoyed the exercises we did as a group."


Creating Psychological Safety Through Conversations

Get more info & sign up for January 21-23 at South Puget Sound Community College

Learn how to create a sense of safety with your team that inspires trust, creativity, information sharing, productivity and well-being.

"The best course I've taken with this type of material. These tools will serve in all facets of my life for the rest of my life."

Inspire Through Creativity

Understand yourself and others as heroes on a creative journey that moves us to transcend our self-imposed limitations and to contribute our unique perspective for the greater good. Creativity is necessary in all kinds of work, especially as more is demanded with less resources. Here, we learn from the failures and victories of Vincent Van Gogh as illustrated in a one-person play and then apply these lessons to our own journeys.

"I've been to a lot of conventions and this is the best session I've ever been to"

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What Makes Us Different?

We help organizations get more done by improving resilience, creativity, commitment, and trust.


First Class Expertise

  • Award winning experience across disciplines
  • World class leadership evaluation at both Microsoft and Amazon
  • Peer reviewed, international research
  • Decades of practical experience

Holistic approach

  • Researched, sustainable solutions, grounded in practical application
  • Diverse backgrounds: Science, management, & organizational wellness
  • Non-biased leadership model across ethnicity, culture, time, or gender

Dedicated to results

  • Understand it. High concepts made accessible. Illustrated in full color, plain language
  • Do it. Directly applicable practices in the workplace
  • Measure it. Validated scientific assessments

"The Thrive At Work team is amazing. Great instructors with real world experience that is invaluable."

Morganne Tayler Zabek

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"Find Your Spark has been a great experience. I came away with a clear sense of what truly motivates me. My perspective on what I do has changed from ambivalent to enthusiastic.  With each class I was able to identify my strengths, pinpoint my values and use new skills to truly support my goals."

Norena McMeel