Unconditional Positive Regard: The Key to Powerful Relating

We’ve all had interactions with people that believe in us, that really connect with us somehow. Those interactions are inspiring and energizing. They can bring out the best in us. The connection can also inspire a sense of loyalty to that person.  This is the power of unconditional positive regard. Do you have a person…

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Listening: How to Develop the #1 Most Powerful Skill

[fusion_text]If you’ve played music in any kind of group you know how important listening is. You listen actively so you can play accurately. Your success in your relationships at home, at work, or anywhere else also depend greatly on the quality of your listening. Listening is an incredibly important gateway. It’s how we receive the…

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How to Stay Engaged in Difficult Situations: The BOAT Process

image by stickerstartape

Here’s a simple four-step process that can help you get engaged. It’s called BOAT (Breathe, Observe, Accept, Think) because it can keep you afloat during turbulent times and help prevent you from sinking into the energy draining patterns of resistance. The BOAT process can be used during times of duress and throughout the day to…

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Energize Draining Activities

Step 1 Does it need to be done? Check to see if the task actually needs to be done. If the task doesn’t need to be done, you’re done with it. Step 2 Do I need to do it? If the task does need to be done, see if there is a person more suited…

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What is a Growth Mindset and Why Does it Matter?

Image by Jessica Ottewell

A growth mindset is an attitude of curiosity, and even eagerness, when facing a challenge. It is cultivated by focusing on one’s growth, process, and efforts whereas a fixed mindset is reinforced by: tying one’s personal value to the results one can produce focusing on efforts to prove whether one is talented or not the…

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