Align Individual & Organizational Needs

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The Organizational Hierarchy of Needs

Usually, when something goes wrong in an organization, somebody gets the blame. But how often is it really that person’s fault?  If you are […]

Would You Like More Effective Meetings? Here’s How:

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Build Alignment- Get Clear on Who Gets to Decide What

I used to teach a class on effective meeting management. One of the key lessons was how important it is to let people know the purpose of […]

Balance Your Life for Better Results & Satisfaction

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Getting a good sense of what it takes to live a balanced life keeps everything in perspective and helps strengthen your life.

Directions: The wheel below contains eight areas that, together, represent one way of describing […]

Unconditional Positive Regard: The Key to Powerful Relating

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We’ve all had interactions with people that believe in us, that really connect with us somehow. Those interactions are inspiring and energizing. They can bring out the best in us. The connection can also inspire […]

9 Keys for a Thriving Career & Life

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I’m a believer in following dreams and also a fan of the cautionary phrase, “be careful what you dream of.” The good dreams have a grounding in reality, even though they may seem incredibly difficult, […]

Listening: How to Develop the #1 Most Powerful Skill

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If you’ve played music in any kind of group you know how important listening is. You listen actively so you can play accurately. Your success in your relationships at home, at work, or anywhere else […]