9 Keys for a Thriving Career & Life

I’m a believer in following dreams and also a fan of the cautionary phrase, “be careful what you dream of.” The good dreams have a grounding in reality, even though they may seem incredibly difficult, and they have a service ethic of some kind. Fantasies, on the other hand, tend to be self-aggrandizing, and when they are achieved end up feeling empty. Here are 9 tips to help keep you grounded as you follow your dreams.

  1. Take responsibility for your career development. It’s up to you. Your work situation will tend to improve the more you invest in your personal and professional development.
  2. Accept and develop your unique strengths. Spend most of your time working with your strengths – those actions you naturally find to be most meaningful, energizing, and effective.* Consider Strengths Mastery Coaching to identify your strengths and learn how to use them in any situation.
  3. Accept that its good for work to be enjoyable. Examine beliefs that support the “it’s not work if you’re having fun” myth. Find ways to deal effectively with people that insist on bringing down others.
  4. Accept that work and life are inherently challenging. There is still challenge when you accept and use your strengths but significantly less suffering.
  5. Accept the present situation while working toward what you want.
  6. Adapt a growth mindsetstay curious. Any fixed idea of yourself is ultimately self negating, even if it seems positive. For instance, if you have the fixed idea “I’m smart” then you will be hooked on proving it to others, distracting you from your actual potential.
  7. Believe that it is possible to find or create a satisfying job and work environment. Futility has a way of proving itself as does optimism.
  8. Honor your needs. Your strengths are supported when you honor your unique needs (i.e getting enough sleep, exercise, social time, relaxation, etc…). When these needs are not met your strengths suffer…and so do you.
  9. Follow a code of ethics that fundamentally honors others as you would honor yourself. Holding others in positive regard inspires others to treat you the same way. Business runs on trust and trust disappears without ethics.

*The definition “Your strengths are your most meaningful, energizing, and effective actions” is a copyright of Thrive At Work LLC.


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