Motivational Strengths

October 14 & 15

at South Puget Sound Community College

While we all have the same basic needs, how those needs look, and how they are best fulfilled, is personal. You’ll discover what Motivational Strengths bring out your best self by analyzing your past situations and then learn how to apply those Motivational Strengths to make your everyday work go better.

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"I came away with a clear sense of what truly motivates me. My perspective on what I do has changed from ambivalent to enthusiastic. With each class I was able to identify my strengths, pinpoint my values and use new skills to truly support my goals."

- Motivational Strengths Graduate

Here's What You'll Learn

Scientific Data & Evidence

How human motivation works, integrating the latest research from psychology, biology, and neurology. Understand the basic psychological needs that drive authentic motivation.

Your Unique Strengths

How to identify your unique Motivational Strengths and how to apply them to make your everyday work go better. Understand your peak experiences and the actions that helped create them.

Individualized Techniques

How to craft your work tasks and environment to capitalize on your natural motivations. Identify how to find motivation even with mundane tasks you might otherwise dread. Learn how to best use your strengths in your job.


How to adapt your approach when you can't change your situation. Identify what you can do differently to tap into your natural motivators and how to make it easier for others to do so as well.


Learn how to appreciate and bring out the best in others, which helps create better relationships and more successful teams at work.


How to shift your focus towards what naturally helps people feel safe and fulfilled. Move towards collaboration and cooperation between people and away from activities and interactions based on control and compliance.

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